Technology and development

Mampack Company

our technologies​

We started since 2015 until we were able to manufacture our product and our goal was to provide quality and not material gain until we created an entity through which we provide our services, which is Mampack, which helped us achieve our goals in the first place and is a name that cares about the quality of its products and respect for its customers until we became known in the market for the manufacture of cardboard tubes “Alkor” that we A brand of Egyptian industry and industrial precision.

All raw materials are carefully selected to match the quality achievement of our products, to be certified from the first category of Italian raw materials.

Mampack is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the manufacture of corrugated pipes, “with international quality”, because we will only accept high-quality tools to manufacture our product, known for its accuracy to provide high quality at a lower economic cost.

Our most important goals is to provide an Egyptian product with Egyptian hands, but with international quality and 100% economic prices.

MAMPACK is committed to delivering orders on time, confirming the principle of commitment and respect for our customers’ time.

We are honored to have joined the distinguished MAMPACK customer list inside and outside Egypt to get your need of our product.

research and development​

Mampack is a dynamic company that keeps up with the times and thus stands out as an ideal supplier for all businesses that need high quality paper products.


Thanks to technological research and development of new processing technologies, mampack operates in domestic and international markets in a competitive manner.


the procedures​

The modernization program implemented over the years shows great interest in mampack issues, and at the same time, it has enabled the mampack to have high production rates: 75,000 tons of panels and 20,000 tons of tubes per year.

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