our values


1) Commitment
We adhere to all of our customers with our appointments

2) Liability
We are working on our mutual professional building

3) Credibility
We assure the credibility of our services and their existence by adhering to time standards and quality

4) Trust
The confidence of all our customers helped us to develop


5) Excellence
We are distinguished by the quality of our products that we offer based on actual quality starting from the raw materials used before implementation

6) Quality of work
We always strive for the quality of any product before it is delivered according to the specified specifications

7) Innovation and continuous improvement
We always have the spirit of innovation and initiative to present all that is new in the world of cardboard tubes "Alkor"

8) Response
Customer service is always our first priority


9) Team work

We are distinguished by our interest in team building by emphasizing the value of teamwork as a strength for the individual and society in "One hand does not clap"

10) Accountability

We excel by giving all our clients the right to our issues from everything we offer them