MAMPACK is a leading Egyptian company in the field of cardboard pipes manufacture (Alkor) of various types and specifications, but with international quality and industrial accuracy. MAMPACK leads 30 employees, technicians, and workers who provide a production capacity of 200 tons per month.

As planned, we expected our production to reach 500 tons per month in 2020 We started since 2015 until we were able to manufacture our product and our goal was to provide quality and not material gain until we created an entity through which we provide our services, which is Mampack, which helped us achieve our goals in the first place and is a name that cares about the quality of its products and respect for its customers until we became known in the market for the manufacture of cardboard tubes "Alkor" that we A brand of Egyptian industry and industrial precision.

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Our Contacts

Our Contacts

Over 5 years experience

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Wide and customized range of production

Supplying large quantities in short times

Best price/quality ratio

Green Technology